me burning in hell

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but how am i supposed to know the world is fucked up if banksy doesn’t spray paint it on a public wall 


I always wanted to be a mutant like the X-men but the closer I could get was being gay. 


"aren’t you, like, over les mis yet?"



I laugh so much at those homophobes who are into literature and classic stuff because like hey you’re into michelangelo? gAY. you like Virginia Woolf books? totally leSBO. you think oscar wilde is modernist and agree with his philosophies? gAY. you like the iliad? greek mythology? any era of history tbh? GAY GAY TRIPLE GAY. everything you love is covered in gay. all the great writers and musicians and artists you admire were queer as all hell hAH


"is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play" "enjolras u could literally buy me"


No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us. Portrait of Marsha “Pay It no Mind” Johnson, a mother of the trans* and queer liberation movement. She fought at Stonewall and dedicated her life to helping trans* youth, sex workers and poor and incarcerated queers. We honor her legacy by supporting trans women of color to Live + Lead.

art by Micah Bazant



unfollow me if you think biological sex is a thing 

unfollow me if you think trans girls are male or trans boys are female

unfollow me if you are truscum 

unfollow me if you think you need dysphoria to be trans

unfollow me if you think reverse oppression is real

unfollow me if you are trans exlusionary

this blog is not for you, leave.

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